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An Indian wedding is a grand affair. While a bride spends months to finalize her wedding lehenga, a groom to be is not far behind in spending ample amount of time to settle down about his wedding sherwani.

Buy a Sherwani for Indian Weddings

A wedding sherwani is a richly embroidered outfit that makes the groom stand out in the entire wedding, Warm hues, intricate embroidery, opulent embellishments, use of fine fabrics, everything comes together to design a creatively styled sherwani for the groom. Fashion designers are unveiling new designs in sherwani to allure customers. Borrowing inspiration from nature, festivities, tradition, and culture, fashion designers are incorporating minute detail in their designs which make every style a masterpiece. The most common colour opted for a wedding sherwani is a combination of golden and red. But, if you wish to experiment with the palette, you may try hues like sea green, mint blue, orange, copper, fuchsia, navy, and ivory. The use of fabrics like velvet, silk and brocade are most used by designers to offer a sophisticated, elegant and royal look to the groom. A sherwani makes an ideal choice for the groom’s best friends as well. Lightly embellished sherwani designs, highlighted with a brighter palette, overall a sherwani makes a perfect wedding wear outfit.